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Fitness in Nature for Better Health

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Get outside and be Happier than ever!!

It is proven that being in nature has many health benefits and can offer an opportunity to enhance your life.  Finding regular fitness and relaxing moments in the great outdoors of Vermont can only be a positive addition to your weekly schedule.

I am offering you that experience every week starting in May.  See the calendar for the spring/Summer schedule and join us while we shut down all of  the technology and experience the sounds and smells of the great outdoors.

I have added a resource for you to read about many benefits of being in nature:

Get Out! 5 Benefits of Outdoor Exercise

You know that exercise provides many mental and physical health benefits. What if a simple change in location could exponentially increase those benefits?

Turns out, it can.

Outdoor exercise, also known as “green exercise,” combines two health-enhancing activities: moving your body and getting outdoors. And the results are exceptional. If you’re looking to enhance your mood, save money and avoid the time and trouble of getting to the gym, look no further than the great outdoors.

Here are five benefits of getting your sweat on with Mother Nature.


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